Monday, January 3, 2011

So Much In 4 Days -- Only in Israel!!!

Shalom Everyone! Daddy and I are back in Los Angeles, after the most amazing trip of my life. We were so busy in our last week that I wasn't able to post a blog or pictures, so here is a summary of our last four days in Israel. On Monday, December 27, I was woken up by my new Israeli friend, the cute dog Prince  Harry. After I was awake, dressed, and ready to go, we went to Yeshivat Kerem B'Yavneh, the hesder yeshiva where my dad went to yeshiva. It was really cool being at the yeshiva because it's where my dad went and where I might go one day.  Following that was a trip to the Givati Museum, where I learned alot about Givati, the army unit my dad was in. After that we went to Kibbutz Yad Mordechai, without which there would probably be no Israel. A battle took place there with 400 highly trained Egyptian soldiers fighting against 110 kibbutz residents and 20 Palmach soldiers. The 130 held off the 400 for six days and opened way for Operation Yoav, which my grandfather fought in when he was in the Palmach. It was really cool to see first hand the history of both my dad and grandfather's army units. On our way back, we stopped to visit and have something to eat in Jaffa. That night I was treated to an awesome Maccabi Tel-Aviv game aganst Ashqelon, and Maccabi won by 22 points! On Tuesday, December 28, we went to Tel-Aviv for the day, where we went to Nachalat Benyamin, an artists market, Shuk HaCarmel, where I got more candy, and then we played more matkot (smashball) on the beach. That night we drove back to Jerusalem and had dinner with my Aunt Sima and Uncle Chashi, who are both born in America but moved to Israel many years ago. We ate in a really cool restaurant with a jukebox. On Wednesday, December 29, we did an amazingly difficult hike near the Dead Sea, the difficult uphill trail of Nachal David. We then had dinner with two friends back in Jerusalem. On our last day, Thursday, December 30 we went to a really cool Airforce pilots graduation on a base in the Negev, where we saw an awesome airshow with really cool planes. It was amazing to see all of the different planes and helicopters. Shlomo came with us, and we even bumped into one of my Dad's friends, General Doron Almog. The best thing about the airforce was that we got to see lots of different planes, and it was really amazing how young all of the pilots were! Then we went to Shlomo and Nava's house, where we played with Prince Harry for the last time and ate dinner. Then we drove to the airport and went home. Being in Israel with my dad was awesome, and I hope we go back again soon! Thank you all for following my blog! Shalom! :)